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Happy Thoughts, Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards

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One of the most powerful ways to get happy is with self-hypnosis. Milton Erickson one of the early lead developers of hypnosis believed that hypnotic trance is a common, everyday occurrence. For example when watching television, a movie, reading or listening and even being involved in strenuous physical exercise, people become immersed and go into a trance state. These states are so familiar that most people do not consciously recognise them as hypnotic states.

Use your internal dialogue to raise your happy meter! I have really only done a few things with self-hypnosis. One of the reasons for this is that I found this deck of cards and it works so well for me I haven’t needed to look into self-hypnosis more, because I’m already getting such great results. Here’s how they work: On each card is a hypnosis phrase on one side and an explanation of how that phrase works on the other side. They come in an 52 card set just like a regular deck of cards. The cards were created by Jamie Smart and are called Ericksonian Hypnosis Salad Cards.

Salad - Ericksonian Hypnosis Card Deck by Jamie Smart

I’ve got them as an app for my iPhone, they are also sold as a deck of cards.

So here’s a little taste of the self-hypnosis goodness. It is one thing to hypnotize another person…The real challenge is how well can you hypnotize Yourself…Here are some tips on how to be effective with your self-hypnosis.

1. When you are performing self-hypnosis or any other form of persuasion you need to have rapport. With self-hypnosis rapport is gained with internal vocal tone and emotion. (If you’re speaking out loud then it includes your external vocal tone) You must match your tone to how you are actually feeling. This means no odd monotone hypnotic voice, you want to use your normal voice as well as your actual emotional state. This means if I start hypnosis and I am feeling annoyed, I say the phrase in my mind sounding annoyed. Continue to follow your emotions with your vocal tone throughout the session.

2. The hypnosis phrase: A person can ___________ . You fill in the blank with something that you would like to be experiencing. For example: A person can feel really good right now. A person can start to notice happiness spreading throughout their entire body.

3. Continue to say each phrase with rapport, then notice what you feel and what thoughts you have. Be observant, this is where it gets interesting. For example I say: A person can start to notice how relaxed and happy they’re feeling right now.

Then we add the next thread in the cloth, I notice what feel and I think to myself after that hypnotic phrase and respond with: A person can notice how relaxed their spine is and how happiness is coursing through every cell in their body. Then I continue until I can rate myself at a ten. On a scale of one to ten, one being muy mal, very bad and ten being muy bien, very excellent.

And that’s it…well there are many, many more self-hypnosis phrases so here are a few to keep you going for a while ; )

A person could __________ . (ie. a person could do self-hypnosis and increased their happiness.)

A person doesn’t have to ____________.

A person is able to____________.

I wouldn’t tell you to___________because____________. (ie I wouldn’t tell you to feel amazing because you’re already noticing how incredibly amazing you’re feeling right now.)

Can you imagine____________.

Don’t _____________ too quickly. (ie. don’t get happy too quickly.)

Eventually_____________. (ie. eventually you’ll wake up happy everyday.)

How does it feel when you____________? (ie. how does it feel when you get happy easier than you expected?)

How quickly can you____________?

I could say__________but____________. (ie. I could say you’re feeling really amazing but you already know that don’t you.)

Try and resist______________. (ie. try and resist seeing yourself happy for the entire next week.)



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Happy Heart, The HeartMath Solution

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One of my favorite books is The Heartmath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin, I am amazed about these incredible breakthroughs in the science of the heart. These two authors have really come up with a wonderful solution to experience more love and happiness daily.  The technique is called Heartmath.

The writers embarked on a journey studying the power of the heart, soon they had discovered more than they ever dreamed possible. They found that very interesting things happen when the heart and the brain communicate. For example when the brain sends a signal to the heart, the heart may choose to follow what the brain says or it may do something different, completely independent from the brain’s commands.

While looking into this unusual new finding, they discovered that the same neurons that you find in the brain are also present in the heart. There are around forty thousand neurons in the heart. That’s as many neurons as are found in parts of the brain (in the subcortical centers)! The heart has an independent nervous system. This gives the heart the ability to think, therefore the ability to convey intelligence to the rest of your body. In The Heartmath Solution they call this Heart Intelligence.

The book talks about the best state for your mind and body, and calls this Coherence. Coherence is when your brain waves and heart are in sync. In this state there are many healthy benefits including being able to make better heart guided decisions, experience more happiness and positive emotions.

Thru testing the authors have created techniques to enhance the power of the heart and create Coherence. These techniques are especially helpful when you have big decisions to make, when find yourself in a stressful situation, when you are solving a disagreement and when you are in a place where you want to feel more connected to others and the world. These are just a few benefits of having your heart and brain in sync with one another, there are so many more than I could cover here. I encourage all to pick up the book and learn about these remarkable discoveries!

Heart Lock In, aka Super Charge Your Heart Power:

1. Gently focus on the area of your heart and think of something that makes you feel happy, love, gratitude and smile. Relax and breathe focusing on feeling these good emotions for 5 minutes.

2. After 5 minutes start to send love from your heart to yourself. When you are ready proceed to send love to other important people in your life. One at a time. Imagine that the love you are sending is connecting directly to their heart. You can even visualize a beam connecting your two hearts. Do this for another 5 to 10 minutes.

HeartMath Technique

1. Focus on the area of your heart. Breath in for about 5 to 10 seconds. Imagine that your breath is going directly into your body at your heart area. Some people find it helps to visualize their mouth breathing in and out right at the heart area. I prefer to focus on feeling physical sensations of the breath as if it is entering and exiting at my heart area.

2. Breath out for the same amount of time 5 to 10 seconds imaging that the breath is now exiting your body at the heart area. So your breath is going in your heart and out your heart.

3. Now here is the key in activating the HeartMath state, coherence between the brain and the heart. Think about something that makes you feel happiness and other pleasant emotions like love, joy and gratitude. Continue to do the directed breathing in step 1 & 2 while focusing on these emotions. Do this for as long as you like!

In any situation that life brings this is an excellent way to get centered and use your full intelligence. It has been remarkable help for me over the years so I’m curious just how much it can expand happiness for you! Enjoy and use in large doses over the holidays!

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Random Acts of Kindness

Boost your happiness and self-worth and be a true giver all in one fowl swoop! Studies have shown that both an increase in happiness and self-worth is achieved by doing a simple act of kindness for another. They have also found that observers of an act of kindness have twice the increase of happiness (aka serotonin) as the person doing the kind act. Pretty wonderful! So the tip for today is, make someone feel truly special and restore an observer’s faith in humanity by unabashedly going out of your way to make someone’s day!

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