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Happy Thoughts, Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards

Photo by Ali Brohi

One of the most powerful ways to get happy is with self-hypnosis. Milton Erickson one of the early lead developers of hypnosis believed that hypnotic trance is a common, everyday occurrence. For example when watching television, a movie, reading or listening and even being involved in strenuous physical exercise, people become immersed and go into a trance state. These states are so familiar that most people do not consciously recognise them as hypnotic states.

Use your internal dialogue to raise your happy meter! I have really only done a few things with self-hypnosis. One of the reasons for this is that I found this deck of cards and it works so well for me I haven’t needed to look into self-hypnosis more, because I’m already getting such great results. Here’s how they work: On each card is a hypnosis phrase on one side and an explanation of how that phrase works on the other side. They come in an 52 card set just like a regular deck of cards. The cards were created by Jamie Smart and are called Ericksonian Hypnosis Salad Cards.

Salad - Ericksonian Hypnosis Card Deck by Jamie Smart

I’ve got them as an app for my iPhone, they are also sold as a deck of cards.

So here’s a little taste of the self-hypnosis goodness. It is one thing to hypnotize another person…The real challenge is how well can you hypnotize Yourself…Here are some tips on how to be effective with your self-hypnosis.

1. When you are performing self-hypnosis or any other form of persuasion you need to have rapport. With self-hypnosis rapport is gained with internal vocal tone and emotion. (If you’re speaking out loud then it includes your external vocal tone) You must match your tone to how you are actually feeling. This means no odd monotone hypnotic voice, you want to use your normal voice as well as your actual emotional state. This means if I start hypnosis and I am feeling annoyed, I say the phrase in my mind sounding annoyed. Continue to follow your emotions with your vocal tone throughout the session.

2. The hypnosis phrase: A person can ___________ . You fill in the blank with something that you would like to be experiencing. For example: A person can feel really good right now. A person can start to notice happiness spreading throughout their entire body.

3. Continue to say each phrase with rapport, then notice what you feel and what thoughts you have. Be observant, this is where it gets interesting. For example I say: A person can start to notice how relaxed and happy they’re feeling right now.

Then we add the next thread in the cloth, I notice what feel and I think to myself after that hypnotic phrase and respond with: A person can notice how relaxed their spine is and how happiness is coursing through every cell in their body. Then I continue until I can rate myself at a ten. On a scale of one to ten, one being muy mal, very bad and ten being muy bien, very excellent.

And that’s it…well there are many, many more self-hypnosis phrases so here are a few to keep you going for a while ; )

A person could __________ . (ie. a person could do self-hypnosis and increased their happiness.)

A person doesn’t have to ____________.

A person is able to____________.

I wouldn’t tell you to___________because____________. (ie I wouldn’t tell you to feel amazing because you’re already noticing how incredibly amazing you’re feeling right now.)

Can you imagine____________.

Don’t _____________ too quickly. (ie. don’t get happy too quickly.)

Eventually_____________. (ie. eventually you’ll wake up happy everyday.)

How does it feel when you____________? (ie. how does it feel when you get happy easier than you expected?)

How quickly can you____________?

I could say__________but____________. (ie. I could say you’re feeling really amazing but you already know that don’t you.)

Try and resist______________. (ie. try and resist seeing yourself happy for the entire next week.)



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I’m Lovin’ It, How McDonald’s Can Change Your Life

Photo by unusualimage

Maybe it’s time to face it, advertisers are brilliant and they know how our brains work. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertisement campaigns like “I’m Lovin’ It” (McDonald’s), “Just Do It” (Nike), and many many more we see everyday. They don’t do it because it’s fun or just a cute slogan. These companies spend millions of dollars a year because that slogan will get you to change your behavior and buy their product. How could we do to guard ourselves from being mindless McDrones?  Is there a way we could actually benefit from the advertising hypnosis that is all around us? What if we could use their expertise and research in persuasion for what we really want?  Here is a simple step by step process Maria and I created that has continuely made our life better.

Step 1 Respect

We got respect all advancements advertising companies have made in the field persuasion. Know that they’ve paid millions of dollars just to bring a small little slogan to our attention. They do it because that exact slogan will change our behavior and get us to buy their product, it works time and time again.

Step 2 Break the Mold

Here is how to stop been one of the herd craving McDonald’s every time they flash “I’m Lovin’ It” in your face. Every time you see a McDonald’s ad think or say “I’m disgusted by it”, “I’m grossed out by it”, or “I’m lovin’eating somewhere else”.  I know it sounds silly,  so just try it and judge by results. If you find yourself craving McD’s you can just remember to change it to McDon’t.

Nike example “Just do it”, to “Just don’t!”.

Step 3 Abolish bad habits

Potato chip cravings? Eat one then say “I’m hatin’ it!”, “I’m grossed out by it!”, or  “Just don’t”. Try it and see what happens. Bet you can eat just one!

Step 4 Use It

Use the years of research and millions of dollars they spend developing a single slogan to your advantage . Let’s say you really want to play guitar, but you never get around to it. Try this! Say out loud (really try this say it!) “Playing Guitar I’m Loving It”, “Playing Guitar JUST DO IT!”,”Playing Guitar JUST DO IT I’m Lovin’ it!”  Now you might notice a subtle shift in how good you feel about guitar. You could do this with everything you want change your behavior at. Use the advertisers knowledge to your advantage. Here is the play by play:

  1. Pick something you want or need to complete.
  2. Say the desire out loud or in your mind.
  3. Immediately followed by the Slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It” “Just Do It” etc.
  4. Do it again and again.


  • “Broccoli JUST DO IT! I’m Lovin’ it!”
  • “Workout I’m Lovin’ It! JUST DO IT!”
  • “Start a Business JUST DO IT! I’m Lovin’ It!”

Remember companies flash these slogan’s over and over on billboards, TV commercials, banner ads and more. Do the same for what you want, repeat your slogans over and over. Persuade yourself to get really desire and deserve.

Simple, now I’m sure your really understand that advertisers are smart, and you can use their brains as well as the MILLIONS of dollars they have spent to make your life better. On your terms not theirs! Have fun and “JUST DO IT!”

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