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Happy Words!

Studies have shown that the words we read, hear, say and think affect us at a profound level. Words even contribute to how our body moves and what we feel.

erin MC Hammer

In an experiment mentioned in the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely they tested the way that the body responds to words. The experiment primed participants by having them complete scrambled-sentence tasks that had “elderly” connotations and included the words: Florida, bingo, ancient. They then left the room believing they had completed the experiment, but the study was just beginning. The researchers were actually watching the participants as they left the building and timing how long it would take for them to walk down the hall. Sure enough, the subjects who were given the “elderly” words had a  considerably slower walking speed than the other control group that had not been primed with “elderly” words. The full study information can be found in the book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.

Upon reading this I decided to do some research of my own. I found a list of positive adjectives and decided to read it everyday.  Then I discovered that someone was already doing something very similar. They use a positive adjective list to create increased happiness in a method in which they call the APACHE Method. I took little snip-its from their method, using what worked for me. I read a list each day. Anytime I was feeling less than my best I would pull out the list. Sometimes I would go thru the list a couple of times and add in “I am feeling” before each word. Other times I would just read the list as is. To my delight I experienced an immediate shift in my mood, sometimes small other times dramatic. My overall findings where that reading the positive adjectives really did improve my mood a considerable amount! So I keep this technique in my Happiness Toolbox. Here is a start to get your own list going.

Happy Adjective List:

Happy, Professional, Grateful, Determined, Swell, Sincere, Helpful, Authentic, Focused, Content, Extraordinary, Imaginative, Delightful, Reverent, Heroic Successful, Cheerful, Unique, Inventive, Upright, Open minded, Talented, Blissful, Desirable, Glad, Valiant, Modest, Fair minded, Ingenious, Courageous, Solid, Profound, Worthy, Adaptable, Colorful, Joyful, Cute, Laudable, Delectable, Remarkable, Dependable, Confident, Free, Funny, Jolly, Ready, Enlightened, Magnetic, Enterprising, Victorious, Luminous, Calm, Ecstatic, Exact, Lovely, Inspired, Entertaining, Thorough, Prosperous, Decent, Convincing, Witty, Beautiful, Sexy, Assured, Progressive, Competent, Comedic, Hilarious, Articulate, Sublime, Commendable, Sympathetic, Influential, Compatible, Efficient, Engaging, Humorous, Civil, Merry, Believable, Lucky, Gentle, Knowledgeable, Ernest, Serene, Faithful, Sweet, Exultant, Hospitable, Passionate, Joyous, Super, Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic, Colorful, Adorable, Coherent, Powerful, Gleeful, Cordial, Sparkling, Appreciative, Spontaneous, Soulful, Fascinating, Brilliant, Constant, Keen, Natural, Eloquent, Comfortable, Sensible, Relaxed, Casual, Stable, Loyal, Alive, Receptive, Charming, Truthful, Good Looking, Industrious, Perfect, Brave, Hardy, Enchanted, Noble, Diligent, Athletic, Precious, Cozy, Deep, Agile, Healthy, Creative, Just, Genteel, Learned, Approachable, Lucid, Harmonious, Nice, Fun, Rich, Bold, Tender, Accommodating, Jolly, Defined, Refined, Whimsical, Immaculate, Bright, Diplomatic, Chatty, Vigorous, Wonderful, Alluring, Reflective, Punctual, Credible, Impressive, Companionable, Elated, Playful, Original, Intelligent, Devoted, Superb, Warm, Pleasant, Powerful, Fabulous, Altruistic, Gracious, Affirmative, Loved.


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